Cookie collector 2

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Cookie collector 2

Total Codes: Please report bad codes below!

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Get ready to play the absolute best cookie clicker game available! To help them, you'll need to collect cookies, buy powerful structures, unlock amazing upgrades, use sweet power-ups and discover new bakeries! Endless gameplay that will satisfy your cookie clicker craving. Get a head start on your bakery and stay ahead of your friends!

Prove to them that you're a better cookie collector than they are - don't let them beat you! We're always listening to all feedback we receive! You've been warned! Share your friend or referral codes with other players to gain rewards and extras like coins, items and boosts in your favourite mobile and social games. We mainly support friend and referral codes for android and ios games. We are continually adding support for more games as we get requests and come across them ourselfs.

Bump Your Code Every 24 Hours. Please report bad codes below! The Cookie Gods have settled down on Earth and they need your help to rebuild their cookie empire!If you still experience crashing, please email us at info pixelcubestudios. We're trying our best to track down the issue, but it's proving to be really difficult!

Please give it a download once it's out! All of the new cookies are winners from our contest! Congratulations to all winners and enjoy seeing your own cookies in the game! They'll automatically resume as soon as you're back on the "gameplay" screen. You're still able to earn them for free just like before - its completely optional if you'd like to buy them! The Gold Chips have been made harder to get not really hard like they were originally. If you've already went Prestige in the previous update, you'll still have all your Gold Chips.

We recommend that you Prestige again in this update, to bring down your Gold Chips and make the game more balanced and fun. If you're above the limit, you'll have a choice if you'd like to keep your current amount or stick with the 10, Its totally up to you, but we'd recommend bringing your total Gold Chips lower.

The game starts to become too easy and boring when you've got too many. Enjoy the update! Tap the blue gear icon at the bottom left of the gameplay screen to find it. You should get much better battery life and smoother gameplay on all devices. Its actually worth collecting cookies now when you're at a high CpS. You'll be rewarded with Gold Chips that give you a permanent cookie boost!

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].Cookie Clickers 2 is a kind of idle clicker games. The main objective is to level up and receive the highest auto CPS Cookies per second. Initially, you have to click on cookies but as you progress, this section is of lesser importance.

After a while and a few levels, you'll realize that those golden cookies are the real struggle.

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Golden cookies cannot be created automatically, and a few are issued. This forces you to click on the cookies to increase the golden cookie drops; every clicks the "rain" of golden cookies is dropped, and you have to wait for them.

The ranking is done in two steps:. Fantastic range of upgrades and research.

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Funny phrases and humorous gameplay. Left click to interact with menu items. Left click on the giant cookie to produce cookies. Buildings are the foundation of Cookie Clicker 2. Each building has its own CpS and increases the price each time you buy. Cookie Clicker starts with 7 buildings and acquires new buildings in versions 0. Currently, there are 16 buildings to buy and see. Each building has 11 upgrades, except for the cursor, which has Grandmas has 5 research upgrades and 2 other upgrades to increase its CpS.

There are also 14 grand class upgrades and 28 Synergy upgrades that affect two buildings at the same time. Upgrades are the game mechanics introduced in Update 1. They are additional in-game items that have cookie costs to unlock. Once unlocked, each upgrade provides a particular boost for the production of cookies or other things that last until you reset it except for Elder Pledge, Elder Covenant and conversion.

A list of available upgrades can be found in the 'Store' section in the upper right corner. First, you will be introduced to the golden cookies and various buying options in the starting 10 levels of the game. Cookie Clickers 2 will also provide you with 30 golden cookies upon successful completion of all three goals listed for level While you play, the golden cookie may drop and you can click on the fast-moving cookie to add it to your current gold cookie balance displayed in a small bar in the middle of the screen of your smartphone.

However, pay attention to the screen as the golden cookie only appears and disappears in the blink of an eye, so you need to react quickly.Secrets are found when the player does a certain thing and will get rewarded a certain prize. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. GhuighhsjjeClick Link to be redirected to the new Wiki! Below will list the current secrets in the game. Secret Number Instructions Walkthrough Reward 1 Purchase 1 cookie press, 2 bakers, 3 dispensers, 4 wells, and 5 stands from the structures menu.

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You need to get some cupcakes. Play to earn cupcakes, then collect cookies, and buy the structures from 1 Cookie Press, to 5 Stands. Old School Theme 2 Buy the first, third, fifth and seventh cookies from each set in the cookies menu, until the Nutty.

This will get hard if you don't have a first Showcase Item.

cookie collector 2

Showcase and Cupcakes will be more powerful as well as Milk and Bakery Upgrades. You can simulate shaking your device on the BlueStacks Android Emulator. Simply download the game on it, import your save, and press the 'shake' button during a cookie frenzy.

Export the save, and import to your mobile. This is only if you have a smartphone that doesn't register shaking or if you are playing on BlueStacks in the first place. Special Cat Theme 6 Go to Profile and then stats and scroll down for a while. Will eventually come across a button called 'Weird Stats Tapped'.

Tap it to unlock the secret. Go to Stats and scroll down a lot. You should eventually see Weird Stats Tapped. Tap it. Go to Events, then go to Loot Bags to press the icons in sequence according to hint. Unicorn Theme 8 Use the Dinosaur theme in the Jurassic bakery. Go to themes, change it to Dinosaur theme. Then go to Bakery, choose Jurrasic. Go to the main cookie screen and it will pop up. Black and White Theme 9 Go to cupcakes then turn you device upside down.

Armoured Bakery 10 Go to upgrades and upgrade bottle of air to level 32, then change your user-name to "".Cookie Clicker is free online game which is pretty entertaining and fun. Game is all about expending your company, about selling cookies and opening more stores and hiring more people. At the start you will have to earn your first cookies by clicking on the cookie icon, in time you will be able to hire bakers, scout girls, etc. Top achievement in the game would be opening a big store, but it will take you a while to get there, so be patient and work toward your goal.

How to play the game: Start from simple clicks, earn some cookies and hire bakers as soon as it is possible. Bakers will give you a decent number of cookies in a short period of time, after that you can hire scout girls and they will sell your product. Increase your income and work towards opening stores, factories, etc. Why should you use your mouse all the time when you can hire people bakers which will do your job for you? Conclusion: The game is pretty awesome; it is interesting and can help you to kill some time while you are bored at work.

Oh and another great feature of this game is that you can save your progress, you can continue playing from where you have stopped yesterday.

I have added some other pages as well which describe the game in more depth, read our guide about upgrades to understand which units are available. Before commenting or using our content please read our privacy policy page, if something is confusing for you, send your questions via the contact form.

You can also learn more about this blog and about our future plans here. Find this awesome game on your device: Guide from YouTube:.Overview Specs. Get ready to play the absolute best cookie clicker game available! To help them, you'll need to collect cookies, buy powerful structures, unlock amazing upgrades, use sweet power-ups and discover new bakeries!

Endless gameplay that will satisfy your cookie clicker craving. Get a head start on your bakery and stay ahead of your friends! Prove to them that you're a better cookie collector than they are - don't let them beat you! FEATURES Collect hundreds of different cookies Invest in powerful structures to maximize your earnings Use the power of cupcakes to get a mega boost Golden structures and super structures to supercharge your collecting Over achievements and upgrades Special bakeries, milkshakes and themes to discover Summon the Cookie Gods to help with cookie productionWe're always listening to all feedback we receive!

You've been warned! Have Twitter? CookieCollectorUse reddit? Find, download, and install iOS apps safely from the App Store.

Cookie collector 2 how to get all themes [READ DESC]

Publisher's Description. Full Specifications. Screenshots Next Back. Our biggest update EVER! Tons of new content for you to to enjoy!

In addition to new content and features, we've looked at every single App Store review, email, tweet, Facebook and Instagram post to see what you wanted most. We've made lots of little changes throughout the game to make your cookie collecting experience even better! As always, keep sending us your feedback and we'll continue to keep updating Cookie Collector 2 for a long time to come.

We've got some really cool updates planned for the coming months! Until next time, happy collecting!

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Compatible with: iphone4, iphone4, iphone4, iphone4, ipad2wifi, ipad2wifi, ipad2wifi, ipad2wifi, ipad23g, ipad23g, ipad23g, ipad23g, iphone4s, iphone4s, iphone4s, iphone4s, ipadthirdgen, ipadthirdgen, ipadthirdgen, ipadthirdgen, ipadthirdgen4g, ipadthirdgen4g, ipadthirdgen4g, ipadthirdgen4g, iphone5, iphone5, iphone5, iphone5, ipodtouchfifthgen, ipodtouchfifthgen, ipodtouchfifthgen, ipodtouchfifthgen, ipadfourthgen, ipadfourthgen, ipadfourthgen, ipadfourthgen, ipadfourthgen4g, ipadfourthgen4g, ipadfourthgen4g, ipadfourthgen4g, ipadmini, ipadmini, ipadmini, ipadmini, ipadmini4g, ipadmini4g, ipadmini4g, ipadmini4g.Account Options Sign in.

Top charts. New releases. Cookies Inc. Add to Wishlist. Can you? Play the best idle clicker game and go on an adventure to create an amazing bakery empire in Cookies Inc - Idle Tycoon! Go from a small bakery to a global business tycoon empire with millions and billions of cookies!

cookie collector 2

Let the money and cookies start rolling in and get rich with the bakery tycoon of your dreams. You will collect cookies, buy powerful structures, unlock amazing upgrades, use sweet power-ups and discover new bakeries! Endless unlimited gameplay that will satisfy your cookie clicker craving. This tapping game is easy to play for everyone.

Click and tap to get cookies and then let your upgrades take over while you get rich and grow your cookie stash. Start with nothing and evolve to become a millionaire, billionaire, trillionaire and more!

Cookie Clicker Collector 2 Saves

Get a head start on your bakery and stay ahead of your friends - prove to them that you're a better cookie collector than they are - don't let them beat you! Join other gamers and get one of the best idle tycoon games available! We want to make Cookies Inc. You've been warned!

Update Notes

Reviews Review Policy. Update Welcome cookie collectors to another new update! Until next time, keep collecting : -Naveen. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. See more. Rock Collector - Idle Clicker Game.

cookie collector 2

JK Games Studio. Ever dreamed of having an insane amount of rocks? Neither have I, but it's fun. Idle Factory Inc. GZFree Game. You can be a rich man who controls more than 80 factories. Cookie Evolution Food Clicker. Evolution Games GmbH. Combine cookie clicker food to mutate them discover and become billionaire rich. Idle Universe.

Bake as many Cookies as you can to become a Cookie God! Spinner Evolution - Merge Fidget Spinners! Complete your Fidget Spinner collection!

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Gem Evolution - Merge and Match Gems!


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