Mew before and after

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Mew before and after

Mewing is a do-it-yourself facial restructuring technique involving tongue placement, named after Dr. Mike Mew, a British orthodontist. In fact, proper tongue alignment is recommended by some orthodontists and other medical professionals as a way to define the jaw, correct speech impediments, and potentially alleviate pain from jaw-related issues.

Despite the hype, mewing has a lot of limitations and may not work like you might see on a YouTube video. At the heart of mewing is learning how to reposition your tongue into a new resting place. Supporters of the technique believe that, over time, your tongue position will change your overall facial featuresmost notably the jawline.

People also believe it may help alleviate jaw pain and provide relief from snoring. Mewing is supposed to work by making your jawline more defined, which can help shape your face and perhaps make it look thinner, too. While Dr.

A quick search on YouTube will lead you to videos of others who have tried the technique and have purportedly gotten results. There are a few videos that debunk the craze, too. It could even possibly provide corrective techniques for children with tongue posture issues that might lead to irregular bites and speech issues, as discussed in one study.

On the other hand, experts fear that individuals who are in need of surgery or orthodontic work might mistakenly try mewing instead to help fix any issues on their own.

mew before and after

YouTube videos, along with numerous before and after pictures, can sometimes persuade viewers into believing that mewing works. Many of these online tutorials usually include several weeks or months of practicing mewing, rather than the required years. Additionally, images can be deceiving because of shadows and lighting.

The angle at which the people in the photos position their heads can also make the jaw look more defined. Mewing is the technique of flattening out your tongue against the roof of the mouth. Over time, the movement is said to help realign your teeth and define your jawline.

Over time, your muscles will remember how to place your tongue in the correct mewing position so it becomes second nature. As with any DIY technique that seems too good to be true, there is a catch with mewing — it may take years to see results. One study looked at tongue resting positions to see if any muscle groups were engaged as a predictor of long-term memory.

If you have any pains or cosmetic concerns in the jaw area, see your doctor to discuss treatment options.Mewing is a technique that uses the placement of the tongue to shape the jawline and face. It is an increasingly popular technique on social media sites, but there is currently no scientific evidence to support it. Here we explain the origin of the idea of mewing and look at whether there is any science behind it. We also provide alternative options for shaping the face.

Mewing involves placing the tongue against the roof of the mouth while closing the lips and setting the teeth together. The supposed benefits of mewing include a well-defined jawline and improved alignment of the chin and nose.

According to internet sites that support the technique, mewing is simply the placement of the tongue against the roof of the mouth. The whole tongue should be resting on the roof of the mouth, sitting between the molars. The advice is to keep the tongue in this position whenever the mouth is closed until it becomes a normal resting position.

If holding the tongue in this position is new to people, they may find it tiring at first. Apparently, a person should feel mild pressure across the middle of their face, jaw, and chin if they are mewing correctly. Mewing gets its name from Dr.

mew before and after

His son, Mike Mew, is also a practitioner of orthotropics. Orthotropics is a practice that focuses on altering the jawline and face shape through facial and oral posture and exercises. Over the last 2 yearsusers on social media and video sites, such as YouTube, have increased the popularity of mewing as a technique to improve the jawline.

All support for the benefits of mewing so far comes from social media sites, which have no expert regulation on the topic. Some articles and blogs have also warned of the dangers of becoming obsessed with mewing as a treatment technique. Mewing is not scientifically proven and may or may not provide the desired results. Some anecdotal evidence reports visible results within a matter of months, but most sites agree that it could take years for a person to notice results, if they ever do.

Many social media mewing advocates are adolescents, whose faces and jawlines are likely to change naturally over the course of puberty, rather than as a result of this technique.Class I Malocclusions Both Jaws too small.

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Age 15 with Anterior open bite and class II malocclusion. Open Bite Malocclusions Some teeth do not meet. She had had persistent TMD pain which recurred if she left her splint out.

She wore a Stage 3 Biobloc for 20 months and as a result of the forward growth her symptoms disappeared and did not return. Orthotropics instead of surgery These patients were told they needed jaw surgery but were treated with Orthotropics instead.

Adult Treatment. From a very young age the faces of some children grow downwards vertically and they develop receding chins, flat faces, crowded teeth and big noses. On the other hand some children grow forward horizontally looking much better see below right.

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Most orthodontists think that these problems are inherited and that little can be done to correct them other than to mechanically straighten the teeth. Obviously, Orthotropics must be started young but it can have a big effect on facial appearance see other faces on this site. This was the concern that brought a group of Dentists, Orthodontists, Chiropractors and other health workers together, from all over the world, to open a site that discussed various methods of treatment so that patients could consider some of the more Natural options.

Unfortunately, some clinicians make claims that are difficult to justify and the rest of this site contains information for patients, dentists and orthodontists and we hope this will help them to decide which option is best.

Dentists much prefer Orthotropic results but may not recommend them because growth guidance takes longer and is more expensive. However orthodontic treatment usually requires extractions and wearing a brace afterwards for many years to hold the teeth straight. Mew JRC For the last hundred years, most orthodontists have taken the second option because it is easier and quicker than guiding the growth of the jaws.

mew before and after

This is despite knowing that this option usually increases unattractive vertical growth and many good looking children finish with obvious damage see Mary below.

Teeth can be straightened at any age but if the jaws have grown the wrong way they are likely to require surgery. Hundreds of children in the UK are sent for surgery each year although it can be completely avoided with Orthotropics.

mew before and after

All orthodontists are legally obliged to tell patients about alternative methods of treatment, especially if they are recommending irreversible procedures such as extractions or surgery. Unfortunately, not all do so. If you were not told about alternatives, you have a legal right to complain.

Mary above was told she would have to have four extractions and her teeth pulled back but she was not informed there was any alternative.

Because her parents complained about the damage to her face, the orthodontist suggested surgery to cut and reposition her jaws, so her parents sought a second opinion but by then it was too late to restore her growth. Unfortunately citizens of the UK are unlikely to receive much help from the General Dental Council because this type of facial damage is considered normal. So we recommend that before treatment patients explore the various websites for themselves and balance the needs of their children against the effort and expense involved.

It may be too late at 8 see above. Many websites promote orthodontic practices by showing beautiful women with straight teeth, often models that have never been treated. Faces taken from the front can be misleading especially if they are smiling.Last Updated on February 29, Pioneered by Dr.

HOW TO MEW IN 1 MINUTE! (properly)

Mike Mew, mewing is the weird and wonderful practice of positioning your tongue against the roof of your mouth, which supposedly improves your health and appearance. But does changing your tongue posture really improve your face shape especially your chin, cheekbones, and jawlinefix crooked teeth, and make you breathe better!?

Everything you need to know about mewing

Apparently it does. Alright — enough talk! In total, I found four of them. These mewing transformations range from a single month to four months in duration, and the results are really quite interesting!

Of course, a certain amount of the visible change has to be attributed to the slightly different angles in these two photos, but some change in the lower jaw is hard to deny. You can see this change best if you look at the upper lip in the before and after photos — the entire mid-face looks like it has been pushed forward! Mike Mew says this is one of the biggest effects of proper tongue posture.

Considering that mewing works best in children, this adult mewing transformation is really remarkable. These impressive one month mewing before and after photos come from an eighteen-year-old Reddit user. Although the lighting and facial position are different in these two photos, there still appears to be some progress. The most notable change in this particular before-and-after is the stronger jaw position. While the chin recedes considerably from the lips in the before photo lefta month of mewing appears to have begun correcting this by strengthening the jawline.

Also, the skin around the cheek area appears to be more taught; this could be due to concurrent weight loss, or improved swallowing habits. These mewing before and after photos show a seventeen-year-old male on both ends of his four month mewing journey.

While the before photo left was clearly taken from further back than the after photo, the jawline seems to have improved thanks to correct tongue posture. In addition to the facial shape, another effect you might notice in this set of progress pictures is the healthier, closed position of the lips in the after photo.

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This might be because the mewing technique requires you to keep your mouth closed. Here are the before and after photos taken across a three month mewing transformation.

Does Mewing Work for Adults? (Mewing After Puberty)

Thankfully, the lighting and facial position in these two photos are a lot more consistent than in the previous examples, which makes it easier to compare face shapes. While the jawline does appear stronger in the after photo, these results also show a significant improvement in general upper-body posture. That leaves us with the female mewing results, which also show considerable improvements! Whereas the other transformation photos in this article focus on face shape — especially the position of the lower jaw and maxilla — these progress photos focus in on the change in teeth alignment across just one month of mewing.

This female before-and-after comparison appears to show a slight, natural improvement in the alignment of teeth. Could this really be the work of mewing, or is it just the brighter lighting making us see things? These incredible nine month mewing results pictures are taken from the front, for a change! As usual, the lighting is a little different in the two photos — but the facial position is almost identical.

The effects of mewing are two-fold in this transformation. For starters, you can see how the chin takes on a stronger position as in previous before and after photospulling the lower lip forward with it. Secondly, mewing appears to have given the cheeks a more slender, angular lookespecially with regards to the jawline. This ten month transformation looks like it was also accompanied with some weight loss. In any case, as in other progress photos in this article, the entire jaw has moved forward.

More interesting in this photo is the upper lip.When I look at before pictures of myself from and compare to now, I do look pretty different imo, especially from profile.

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You can read bit more in depth about my rags to riches story here. After I completed my orthodontics of reversing 4 bicuspid extraction, I had the biobloc stage 3 built for me as a night time wear retainer, which has flanges on it that prevent the mouth from opening at night, also takes up minimal space on the roof of the tongue, nonetheless there is still some acrylic at the roof that does get in the way of the tongue.

I feel that the biobloc stage 3 is the best option for a retainer because it works on improving your posture. In order to change this requires conscious effort to keep them closed as much as you can remember to, and over time the jaw muscle length will shorten. Wearing biobloc stage 3 helps accomplish this a great deal and after nearly a year night time wear on it, I felt confident in trying out not wearing them at night.

4 Incredible Mewing Transformation Results: Before And After

For the last month, I have stopped wearing this retainer all together and so far my teeth alignment seems to be holding just fine. As I make sure that I keep my muscle tone of the jaw up with daily gum chewing, and making sure I am swallowing properly, and at rest I am adopting the lip sealed, teeth lightly together with the tongue on the roof of the mouth.

I feel that I am seeing more new levels of progress, improving visually in the cranial facial complex. I am seeing noticeable changes in such a short time, I really truly feel it has pushed my maxilla more up and forwards in the face already. I have found that using regular store bought stick gum that is soft is the best for doing this exercise.

So far seems like a great exercise to add in to do on a regular basis, looking forward to continue with it.If you've never heard of Mewing, it's a concept named after Mike Mew and John Mew that stands for the proper way to posture yourself while you breathe, swallow, chew, and essentially anything that has to do with your face.

Mike Mew and John Mew are Orthodontists who have a different perspective on how teeth develop malocclusion. This perspective revolves around the theory that a lack of proper posture, as well as mouth breathing will eventually lead to spacing issues in the teeth and poor facial development. If you look at skulls from way back in the day when we ate harder foods, supposedly they had perfect teeth. They propose that most individuals are eating softer food now in a standard Western diet, not chewing adequately to develop the surrounding jaw muscles, and also not breathing through the nose with their mouth closed, with their tongue sitting somewhere other than at the top of the roof of the mouth where it should be.

Basically, by not breathing through your nose with your mouth closed, and not maintaining a resting position with your tongue on the roof of your mouth, you will allow gravity to drag your face downwards. This was a very informative video on not only the potential structural degradation that can occur from mouth breathing, but the health consequences that could stem from it as well.

The most compelling study mentioned in the video for me was the one that detailed how monkeys essentially totally destroyed their facial structure by manually impeding their nasal passages and forcing them to breathe through their mouths.

In contrast, some of the before and after pictures of patients who adopted Mewing and Orthotropics to improve their facial structure exhibit just as extraordinary results when proper tongue posture and nasal breathing is maintained for several years.

The presence of adenoids accentuated the facial convexity and mentolabial sulcus depth. A multidisciplinary team should work to have early diagnosis and appropriate treatment, preventing the consequent disorders of chronic mouth breathing. Because upper airway obstruction is an obstacle to normal dentofacial development, mouth breathing children deserve prompt attention before growth has proceeded irreversibly.

The early recognition of such facial patterns may be utilized to identify those breathing compromised individuals who are likely to develop such types of malocclusions. Hence, a joint effort by pedodontist, orthodontist, otorhinolaryngologist and pediatrician is thus required for reducing continuing detrimental effects of breathing impairments on facial characteristics.

At first I kind of just wrote it off because it seemed like one of those anti-PUA forum kind of concepts. When I was really active on the Good Looking Loser forums I would see someone new get kicked off the forum almost on a monthly basis because they would be posting pictures of themselves, or examples of others with poor facial structure, and Photoshop them into good looking faces to show what a big difference it is just by altering bone structure a bit.

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Mewing was never discussed though; it was just a lot of theory about facial structure being thrown around by virgins who jumped on the board to rant about their disdain for their faces. He presents a logical science-based perspective of the progression of breathing issues, malocclusion, and overall structural deficiencies in the face, which is what kept me hooked into learning more about this concept.

After watching a few of his videos, the first thing that got my interest was the discussion of reversing Sleep Apnea, because I have severe obstructive Sleep Apnea. He also started to delve into mouth breathing and malocclusion, which also raised some red flags for me. I found this all really interesting because I've been a mouth breather my entire life.

This is partially because I have a deviated septum from elbows to the face in basketball games, and my tonsils and adenoids apparently are inhibiting my circulation as well to compound the breathing difficulties stemming from the inhibition of my nasal passage.

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I obviously do not maintain any form of proper tongue posture, as my tongue is literally falling into the back of my mouth and exacerbating my sleep apnea due to gravity. If you are a bodybuilder, I highly recommend you get a sleep study done to see if you have sleep apnea, how bad it is if you have itand address it immediately with a CPAP machine if you do have it because it's a major health concern that you might not be aware of.

Mike Mew fully got my attention when he said that if you consciously focus on keeping your mouth shut, keeping your tongue at the roof of your mouth, breathing through your nose and adopting proper swallowing technique that your facial structure can start remodelling in a more favorable way that actually clears up your airway to a significant extent, and improve sleep apnea. Taking into account the blatant evidence of structural regression in full grown adults who experience muscular atrophy in the face e.Mewing is spreading across the internet like wildfire.

People across the internet are posing questions such as:. Mewing is a technique that involves pushing your tongue against your palate roof of your mouth with your molars touching together to ensure a stable facial structure. You will feel it the moment you try it. Coming back to the topic, this unique tongue posture with its ability to improve your mouth conditioning carries numerous health benefits.

According to Dr. John Mew discovered that crooked teeth are a result of abnormal growth in mandible and maxilla lower and upper jaw. Tongue posture, sucking habits, breastfeeding, chewing habits and swallowing patterns are all an integral part of our face growth and can have a significant impact on accommodating all our adult teeth. To study the subject in detail and to understand how to transform your face within a couple of months, make sure you check out our 6-page premium guide — 60 Days Towards a Better Face Guide.

The reason for specifying the tongue posture accuracy is because many people have a cynical response to this technique without having tried the proper posture themselves. For example, accurate placement of tongue occurs the moment your tongue touches the palate and when you maintain it. Creating a Pillar of Support: By keeping your tongue posture correct throughout the entire day, you will be able to create a vacuum in your mouth which will create a pillar of support for the front portion of your head.

Say Cheese: The final part of ideal mewing is to hold on to the cheesy smile posture while sticking your tongue against the roof with teeth resting against one another. This will allow you to control the tongue and prevent it from sliding forward. Breathe through your nose: Last but not the least, use your nose. An integral part of a successful mewing practice is to breathe through your nose as it is healthier as compared to your mouth. Use Chisell: Chisell is an innovative product with the help of which, you can train your jaw and look better.

With Chisell, mewing becomes easier. You can learn more about it by clicking this link: Chisell For Mewing. I would recommend you buy the Jawliner 2. Visit the website using the following link: Jawliner for Mewing. For the past couple of months, a lot of people have asked me on Instagram and Facebook whether Chisell or Jawliner are worth the money?

Numerous studies by Dr. Mew suggests, that it is possible to change your facial structure through correct mewing tongue posture. Start with standing in front of your mirror or switching on your front camera.

Mewing Results: 7 Amazing Before and After Photos

Notice yourself in a normal state or click a selfie with your tongue resting normally. Now start mewing and feel the firmness in your facial structure. Instantaneously, you will experience your face lifting and jaws getting sharp. This is a good way to start your mewing journey.

There are numerous benefits of mewing such as improvising your appearance and health through pressure exertion on the orofacial area. The correct way of breathing while mewing is to use your nose. A posture wherein, your mouth is closed which creates a vacuum-like feeling inside.

The air we breathe is naturally processed through the nose. It is the filter lined with small hairs called cilia.

Cilia ensures that it filters humidity, coolness or warmness based upon the temperature you are in before the air reaches your lungs. Cilia is responsible for the protection of our bodies from nearly 25 billion foreign particles that try to enter our body every day. Nasal breathing is how we are supposed to breathe. However, the majority of people breathe through their mouths. Followed by passage through the mucus-lined windpipe, air reaches our lungs where the oxygen is then pumped into the bloodstream, later circulated throughout the body.

On the other hand, the air which leaves the body carries carbon dioxide from the cell which comes out through the process of exhalation.


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